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Zev Siegl

Co-Founder of Starbucks

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Seattle, USA


Starting Starbucks: How one company disrupted an entire industry
The start-up story of what is now the world’s largest gourmet coffee company is an amazing one, packed with insights for all companies and entrepreneurs. Co-Founder Zev Siegl reveals in words and photographs the key lessons from Starbucks as a local success in Seattle that became the foundation for the totally disruptive global expansion we know today.
Memorable Branding: The Secrets Behind Starbucks' Start-up
For its first store in Seattle in 1971, Starbucks three founders used highly effective market positioning, perfect customer service and aggressive promotion strategies. Co-Founder Zev Siegl reveals in words and photographs the secrets behind one of the world’s most memorable and easily recognizable brands as he tells the story of Starbucks’ original marketing and how it set the stage for a global success.
A Perfect Blend: Meet Starbucks' Extraordinary First Team
Hiring the right people is no easy task, but it is crucial to sign up top talent to ensure your company’s long-term success. Was the team the started Starbucks special? They were! Learn from Co-Founder Zev Siegl about the six men and women who in 1971 built the Seattle success that eventually conquered the world. Your audience discovers that it pays to have the right partners as well as hiring and retaining the right employees to grow your business.


Interview with Starbucks Co-Founder: Zev Siegl keynote speaker talks Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Zev Siegl - Co-founder of Starbucks speaking for IBM about Entrepreneurship