Technology Speakers

At Aurum Speakers Bureau, we represent world-leading technology speakers. Many of our speakers hold key positions within multinational tech corporations. Others hold senior roles within universities and research institutions. Collectively, they are reshaping the world we live in.

Technology has never played a greater role in our lives. From the moment our smartphones wake us, each day is defined and enriched by the latest developments in consumer technology. The gadgets that amazed our parents are obsolete, replaced by a new wave of tech as the pace of change accelerates. Behind the scenes, technologies like artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and the autonomous car are all under active development. Not all tech is physical, and the focus on big data and blockchain technology looks set to revolutionize research and decentralize our societies.

With big advances come big questions: What does the future hold? Will technological developments gain pace or plateau? Is technology the cure for the greatest problems facing humanity, or the gateway to a dystopian nightmare? Our tech speakers are leading the way in innovation and will share their unique visions of the shape of things to come. Browse our portfolio and book the very best technology speaker for your event.

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JB Straubel

Co-founder and Senior Advisor of Tesla, Inc and former Chief Technology Officer (2003 - 2019)

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Porter Erisman

Former Vice-President, Alibaba Group. Writer, Producer & Director, Crocodile in the Yangtze. Bestselling Author, Alibaba’s World

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Mary Spio

Founder & Chief Visionary, CEEK VR. Author, It’s Not Rocket Science: 7 Game-Changing Traits for Uncommon Success

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Michio Kaku

World-Renowned Theoretical Physicist

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Peter Diamandis

Founder & Executive Chairman, XPRIZE Foundation. Executive Founder and Director, Singularity University

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Jon Matonis

Founding Board Director, Bitcoin Foundation Former CEO of Hushmail and Chief Forex Dealer at VISA

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Boryana Straubel

Executive Director at Straubel Foundation; Former Head of M&A Integration and Operations, Tesla; Former VP of HR, Wikipedia (Wikimedia Foundation)

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Angel Bonet

Expert on Innovation, Marketing Strategy and Sales

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Jason Silva

Futurist, Host of National Geographic's "Brain Games"

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John Rossman

Former Director of Enterprise Services at Amazon. Author of “The Amazon Way”; “The Amazon Way on IoT” & "Think Like Amazon"

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George Church

Professor of Genetics, Harvard Medical School; One of Time’s 100 Most Influential People

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Nick Bostrom

AI Expert. Professor, University of Oxford. Director, Future of Humanity Institute & Director, Strategic Artificial Intelligence Research Center

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Kathryn Parsons

Co-founder & CEO, Decoded. Expert in Digital Economy

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Mike Walsh

Futurist, Innovation and Technology Speaker. Authority on Digital Transformation and Digital Leadership

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Suneet Singh Tuli

Founder & CEO, DataWind. Social Innovator and Disruptor

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Joe Weinman

Bestselling Author of Cloudonomics & Digital Disciplines. Thought Leader & Digital Strategist on Cloud Computing and Big Data

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Parag Khanna

The World’s Leading Geo-Strategist. Best-selling Author, The Future is Asian & Connectography

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Neil Harbisson

The World's First Cyborg who implanted an Antenna in his skull. Motivational Speaker & Artist

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Moon Ribas

Avant-garde Artist and Cyborg Activist

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Steve Wozniak

Co-founder, Apple Computer Inc.

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Ayesha Khanna

Futurist; Artificial Intelligence Expert; Philanthropist; Co-Founder and CEO, ADDO AI; Chairman, 21st Century Girls

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Larry Sanger

Co-founder of Wikipedia, Former CIO of Everipedia

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Justine Cassell

Assoc. Dean, Technology Strategy & Impact, Carnegie Mellon University. Artificial Intelligence expert

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Mo Gawdat

Former Chief Business Officer, Google [X]. Serial Entrepreneur & Best-selling Author of “Solve for Happy.”

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Ben Hammersley

Global Digital Leader, Futurist, Host of Cybercrimes with Ben Hammersley

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Charles Elachi

Former Director of the NASA and Cal Tech Jet Propulsion Laboratory

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Cate Trotter

Founder & Head of Trends, Insider Trends

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Robot Sophia

World’s First Humanoid Robot Celebrity

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Hiroshi Ishiguro

Father of humanoids, director of Hiroshi Ishiguro Laboratories

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Ian Khan

Tech Futurist, Filmmaker of "Blockchain City", 3xTEDx Speaker

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Bettina Warburg

Blockchain Expert & Co-Founder of Animal Ventures

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Guy Kawasaki

Chief Evangelist at Canva; Brand Ambassador for Mercedes-Benz; Former Chief Evangelist at Apple

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Jeremy Gutsche

Innovation Keynote Speaker; CEO, Trend Hunter. Renowned Futurist & Award-Winning Author

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Steve Chen

Youtube Co-founder. Internet Pioneer & Digital Media Expert

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Taavi Kotka

Entrepreneur and first CIO for the Government of Estonia; Pioneer of e-Estonia

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Werner Vogels

Amazon's Chief Technology Officer

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Ray Kurzweil

Preeminent Technology Futurist and Multiple Award-Winning Inventor; Co-Founder and Chancellor of Singularity University; Director of Engineering, Google

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Eugene Kaspersky

Cybersecurity expert; CEO of Kaspersky Lab

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Matt Mullenweg

Co-founder of WordPress. Founder and CEO of Automattic (, Tumblr, WooCommerce & Jetpack)

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Andreas Weigend

Director, Social Data Lab & Former Chief Scientist, Amazon

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Hugh Herr

Leader of the Bionic Age; Champion for Creating Technology to Improve the Human Body and Redefine Human Potential

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Biz Stone

Co-Founder of Twitter, Medium & Jelly. Serial entrepreneur

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Jim McKelvey

Co-Founder, Square

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Sebastian Thrun

Founder & CEO of Udacity. Founder of Google X

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Steven Kotler

New York Times Bestselling Author. International Pioneer in Peak Performance & Innovation

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Nabil Malouli

VP of Global Ecommerce at DHL. Global Disruptive Supply Chain & Innovation Expert

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Erik Brynjolfsson

Technology, E-Commerce and Productivity Expert. MIT Professor of Information Technology

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Vivian Lan

Director of the SingularityU Mexico Summit

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Nir Eyal

Best-Selling Author and Expert on Habit-Forming Technology

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Brett King

Strategic Financial Advisor, Banking & FinTech Expert and Best Selling Author of Augmented and Bank 4.0

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Adam Cheyer

Co-Founder and VP Engineering of Siri and Viv Labs

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Jonas Kjellberg

Co-Creator of Skype, Author, and Investor

namerica range4 AI_Speakers Innovation_Speakers Robotics_Speakers Technology_Speakers TED_Speakers Virtual_Keynote_Speakers

Marc Raibert

Founder, President & Former CEO of Boston Dynamics. Renowned Roboticist

namerica range4 AI_Speakers Business_Speakers CEO_Keynote_Speakers Digital_Transformation_Speakers Innovation_Speakers Technology_Speakers Virtual_Keynote_Speakers

Paul Daugherty

Group Chief Executive - Technology and Chief Technology Officer, Accenture

europe range1 AI_Speakers Finance_Speakers Technology_Speakers TED_Speakers Virtual_Keynote_Speakers

Spiros Margaris

Venture Capitalist and Founder of Margaris Ventures. Expert on AI, FinTech & Insurtech

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Jimmy Wales

Founder, Wikipedia - World's 5th Most Visited Website & Founder, WT.Social

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Soumitra Dutta

Expert in the link between technological innovation and business success

namerica range4 AI_Speakers Innovation_Speakers Robotics_Speakers Technology_Speakers TED_Speakers Virtual_Keynote_Speakers Women_Speakers

Yoky Matsuoka

Vice President, Google; Chief Technology Officer at Nest; Expert in AI Robotics & User Experience

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