TED Speakers

When it comes to selecting a proven, respected, and recognized speaker for an event, there can be few better choices than a TED speaker. Aurum Speakers Bureau represents a range of the most popular TED speakers of all time. These uniquely gifted individuals have given talks featured on TED.com – marking them out as the elite of the elite.

The annual TED conference has become a Mecca for anyone seeking authoritative perspectives on the big issues of our time. The coveted TED prize is awarded each year to recognize the standout speaker, and the flagship conference has been augmented by a range of smaller, niche events. Major spin-offs include TEDGlobal, TEDYouth, and TEDWomen, while a huge range of independent events are held under the TEDx banner. The very best talks delivered at these events – and select third-party events – are curated and featured on TED.com.

The scope of TED topics has broadened from tech, entertainment, and design. Today, talks regularly cover a wide array of cultural, political, scientific, and academic subjects. As varied as these topics are, one thing unites every speaker featured on TED.com: An outstanding aptitude for public speaking. Book a TED speaker today to add authority and panache to your event!

Peter Diamandis

Founder & Executive Chairman, XPRIZE Foundation. Executive Founder and Director, Singularity University

Simon Sinek

The Best Leadership Speaker in The World. Bestselling author of Start With Why; Leaders Eat Last & The Infinite Game

Seth Godin

Marketing Guru and Best-Selling Author

Dan Buettner

Founder of Blue Zones & World Renowned Explorer

Mel Robbins

Top Motivational Speaker, Award-Winning CNN Commentator, Bestselling Author

Shawn Achor

Positive Psychology Expert & Happiness Speaker. Bestselling author, The Happiness Advantage, Before Happiness & Big Potential

Margaret Heffernan

International Media Executive, Entrepreneur & Best-selling Author of Willful Blindness & Women on Top

Salim Ismail

Chair of ExO Works. Best-Selling Author of Exponential Organizations. Former Executive Director of Singularity University, and Former Vice President of Yahoo!

Daniel Pink

Bestselling Author and Business Visionary

Latif Nasser

Director of Research at Radiolab; Host of the Netflix show ‘Connected’

Marc Raibert

Founder, President & Former CEO of Boston Dynamics. Renowned Roboticist

Daniel Gilbert

Professor of Psychology at Harvard University. Best-Selling Author of Stumbling on Happiness & Host of the PBS television Series This Emotional Life

Ray Kurzweil

Preeminent Technology Futurist and Multiple Award-Winning Inventor; Co-Founder and Chancellor of Singularity University; Director of Engineering, Google

Matt Mullenweg

Co-founder of WordPress. Founder and CEO of Automattic (WordPress.com, Tumblr, WooCommerce & Jetpack)

Sugata Mitra

One of the best Educational Technology Speaker in the World; Winner of the first $1 million TED prize

Niall Ferguson

Leading Historian on the Global Economy. Bestselling Author, The Ascent of Money; Civilization: The West and the Rest & The Square and the Tower

Steven Kotler

New York Times Bestselling Author. International Pioneer in Peak Performance & Innovation

Steve Wozniak

Co-founder, Apple Computer Inc.

Arianna Huffington

Founder of The Huffington Post. Founder and CEO of Thrive Global

Kate Raworth

Economist & Bestselling Author of Doughnut Economics