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Jordan Belfort

The REAL Wolf of Wall Street. Master of Sales & Motivational Speaker

Jordan Belfort built his first career the wrong way. He built a second on the strengths of reflection, remorse, and rebirth. Now a celebrated sales speaker, Jordan Belfort is also a trusted strategic consultant. Events seeking an authoritative voice on the benefits of selling with principle turn to Belfort for inspiring keynote addresses.

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    Jordan Belfort biography

    From the Wolf of Wall Street to ethics expert, sales speaker Jordan Belfort has led an extraordinary career. An engaging and inspiring motivational speaker, Jordan Belfort proves that there are no shortcuts to true success.

    Jordan Belfort is one of the world’s leading authorities on ethical sales growth. Unlike most, Belfort speaks from experience gained on both sides of the ethical and legal line.

    As a young stockbroker, Belfort pursued profit at any ethical or legal cost. His OTC trading firm, Stratton Oakmont, perfected a pump-and-dump scheme that enriched its owners and defrauded investors. The party ended in 1999 with Belfort’s indictment, ruinous financial penalties, and a 22-month incarceration.

    Years later, Leonardo DiCaprio won a Golden Globe for portraying Belfort in Martin Scorcese’s The Wolf of Wall Street. Publications from the New York Times to Corriere della Serra profiled him as a cautionary tale. Meanwhile, Belfort turned his life around in dramatic fashion.

    Belfort shared a prison cell with comedian Tommy Chong, who encouraged him to reflect on and write about his experiences. The exercise was a revelation to Belfort, and launched his career as a business ethicist and speaker.

    His Straight Line System provides a framework for companies and individuals to define and achieve explosive sales growth, legally and ethically. More than 50 major companies have invited Belfort to serve as a strategic advisor. Through the Jordan Belfort Foundation, he brings his proven framework to young entrepreneurs in underserved communities.

    Additionally, after publishing two memoirs of his rise and fall, Belfort returned in 2017 with The Way of the Wolf, a sales guide based on the Straight Line System.

    Jordan Belfort Speaking Videos

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    Jordan Belfort Keynote Topics

    In this keynote, Jordan Belfort will teach attendees the art of straight line persuasion, a powerful tool for creating instant rapport and closing deals. He will provide strategies for controlling the sales conversation and offer tips on how to effectively persuade potential clients to make a purchase. Through his years of experience as a successful salesperson and entrepreneur, Belfort has honed his skills in persuasion and will share his secrets for success with the audience. Whether you're a seasoned sales professional or just starting out in the field, this keynote will provide valuable insights and techniques for increasing your sales and closing more deals.

    Jordan Belfort delves into the world of straight line marketing, a powerful approach to creating an effective marketing machine that works seamlessly with your sales efforts. He will provide insights on how to develop a marketing strategy that drives leads and conversions, and share practical tips on how to implement successful marketing tactics to support your sales efforts. Whether you're an entrepreneur looking to grow your business or a marketer seeking to increase your marketing impact, this keynote will provide valuable insights and strategies for creating a cohesive marketing and sales approach.

    Jordan Belfort discusses the core elements of straight line sales, a powerful approach to increasing conversions and closing more deals. He will cover the five key elements that make up this approach, including creating instant rapport, controlling the conversation, identifying and addressing objections, closing the sale, and following up with clients.

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